I teach lawyers how to make $10k/mo doing estate planning virtually working just 2 hrs/day

I’m Laura Cowan, award-winning NYC estate planning attorney and creator of 2-Hour Lifestyle Lawyer!™ I teach lawyers how to have an automated estate planning practice they can run virtually for just a couple of hours a day (even if they’ve never practiced estate planning before!)

Why 2-Hour Lifestyle Lawyer™? Because most lawyers don’t want to work 80 hours a week! We’ve finally figured out the big paycheck isn’t worth it. Family, hobbies, and having a life are what matters now! With 2-Hour Lifestyle Lawyer™, you can have it all – a practice that lets you help others while earning consistent revenue and still have time for the things that matter most.

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2-hour lifestyle lawyer™

Say goodbye to 80-hour workweeks and being tethered to the office or court calendar...and hello to an extra $10k a month working from anywhere

Calling all entrepreneurial attorneys! Do you dream of being your own boss, setting your own hours, and working from anywhere in the world? If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place! 

I’m Laura Cowan, founder of the award-winning Law Office of Laura Cowan in New York City and creator of 2-Hour Lifestyle Lawyer™. I teach lawyers how to do estate planning virtually, working just 2 hours a day.

Estate planning is one of those “unicorn” practice areas. Everyone needs your services, and the majority of the population can be serviced with a basic will or revocable living trust (no LLM in taxation needed!) Flat fees are the norm – goodbye, billable hours! And post 2020, you can do it from anywhere. That’s right – the days of being tethered to the office are long gone

Never practiced estate planning before? Not a problem! I opened my firm in ultra-competitive NYC with ZERO experience. Our 2HLL course includes comprehensive training AND ongoing coaching to teach you everything you need to start servicing clients!

WHAT’S THE SECRET? We teach a 3-pronged approach that separates us from everyone else! First, you need a system for getting in front of your ideal clients without spending a fortune on ads. The fact is, marketing for estate planning is not like other practice areas. We show you how to get leads for little to no ad spend. 

Getting leads, however, is useless if you don’t have a system in place for closing those leads at a fee you deserve. Getting the client to say “Yes!” instead of, “Thanks, we need to think about it” is something only another estate planning attorney who has conducted hundreds of client consultations can help you with. I’ll share all my secrets for nailing the close. 

Finally, getting all that extra business isn’t much fun if it’s going to keep you at the office until 10pm! I’ll show you the systems and automation you need to reduce your workload as much as possible. 

The best part? 2-Hour Lifestyle Lawyer™ is taught by a practicing estate planning attorney, not a non-attorney or someone who left the law years ago.

estate planning in 2023

It's time to bid a fond FAREWELL to the OLD way of practicing estate planning (blogs nobody reads, newsletters nobody opens, and constant pressure to build a million dollar law practice), and HELLO to marketing funnels that drive traffic, webinars that convert, and making $10k+/mo working part-time.


laura is ranked the 2nd best estate planning lawyer in ny


laura has helped over 500 nyc families with their estate planning


laura has a perfect 5-star rating across google, yelp! and avvo


laura has earned over $2mm in fees doing basic estate planning

The ACE Roadmap™


You can’t be successful if you don’t have leads. But getting leads for estate planning is NOT like getting leads for other practice areas! I’ll show you exactly how to get in front of your ideal client, whenever you want, for little to no ad spend. Have a bigger budget? We’ll show you where your advertising dollars are best spent.


There’s no point getting leads if you don’t have a system in place for closing them. Want to do your initial consultation via Zoom? No problem! I’ll give you my exact script for the Peace of Mind Planning Session™ , so you know exactly what to say to turn prospects into clients happy to pay a fee you deserve. Say goodbye to “We need to think about it” and hello to “Do you take credit cards?”


Extra revenue is great…but extra work isn’t! How do you get down to working part time? With systems, automation, and delegating everything that doesn’t require a law degree. I’ll teach you exactly how to set up your practice so it runs on autopilot while you travel, coach your daughter’s soccer team, launch a second business, or just do…nothing (yes, that’s allowed!)


"I only wish I knew the course existed years ago - I would have saved myself tens of thousands of dollars on coaching and burnout."
- 2HLL Marie-Yves Nadine Jean Baptiste

"I got so much value out of the course. You have lit my fire that was snuffed out by life in the last 5 years."
-2HLL Dana Frank

"I already got my first paying client! And I just followed the process step-by-step."
- 2HLL Priscilla Olson

"In just a few weeks, I have lined up the software I need, found a way to inform my target market about my online webinars, scheduled a webinar that already has 10 attendees registered, and am fully prepared for what I'll say, how I'll say it, and how I'll handle the Peace of Mind Planning Sessions™ that are booked as a result."
- 2HLL Barb Breeden

"The topics, organization, and attentiveness of your team was great!"
-2HLL Dave Benson

"I just did my first Peace of Mind Planning Session™, and the clients signed up for my $3,500 Trust Package! I don't think I would have done as well at walking them through that option without the spreadsheet you shared, so THANK YOU!"
- 2HLL Erin Sherman

"I may be slow off the blocks getting going but I'm so happy I was part of your first course! Just wanted to say thanks. True mentorship. If I ever can help you in any way please let me know."
- 2HLL Peter Barnett

"Your class gave me the courage and knowledge I needed to step out and start my own estate planning practice."
- 2HLL Judy Burrell Ransom

“The thing I like most about the program is that I am implementing sooner and quicker than I would on my own. The homework broke everything down so it wasn’t overwhelming. Laura shows the actual process whereas other programs I’ve taken show you just a little bit, and then charge you extra for the real content.”
- 2HLL Tanika Finney

“I hoped to meet my long-term monthly revenue goal within a year or two; I ended up hitting it within four months of opening my doors, thanks to 2HLL!”
– 2HLL Erin Sherman

“Thanks to Laura’s training, I just hosted my first webinar. I spent less than $20 on ads and had over 40 people sign up! Don't have a marketing budget? No problem. Laura teaches how to market your practice on a limited budget and still get results.”
– 2HLL Grace Lee

"I love the course! Laura is really teaching the whole process of how to do it. I like all the coaching calls, too. KC's coaching call is super!"
- 2HLL M. Nowicki

“I simply cannot say enough good things about the class, and about Laura as a coach. To say the modules were thorough and comprehensive is an understatement. It was obvious to me after my first meeting with Laura that she is genuinely invested in her students. Perhaps most importantly, the 2HLL course is very reasonably priced. If you are on the fence about signing up for 2HLL, do it!”
– 2HLL Polly Martin

"Hi Laura! I wanted you to be the first to hear! I converted my first client! Thank you so much for this training. I am so grateful."
-2HLL Arielle Comer

"The 2HLL course is highly valuable and a great resource for lawyers looking to get into estate planning. Laura shares the ins and outs of how to run a successful and virtual estate planning practice - and she includes everything from her presentation, emails she sends out to clients, and so much more. Laura is also available and very responsive. She truly cares about the success of her members. 2HLL is a fantastic program and I highly recommend it."
- 2HLL Steven Schwartzman


2-Hour Lifestyle Lawyer™ Online Course + Coaching

Now accepting applications for our signature online course, including: 10 Training Modules, 3 Live Group Coaching Calls/ Week, VIP Facebook Group, 90+ Page Webinar Slides + Script, Consultation Sales Script, and much more!

Space is limited to 20 attorneys, and our first 5 cohorts SOLD OUT! Book your Discovery Call today to secure your spot. We can’t wait to chat with you!

Closed 100% of Leads!

“Joining 2HLL helped me gain the confidence I needed to set my fees higher, raise my revenue goals, attract more clients than I thought possible, and close 100% of my leads in 2022.”

– 2HLL Erin Sherman

4 Clients from 1 Webinar!

“Super excited! I just hosted my first webinar! Twenty-three people registered, 15 people attended, and 4 people hired me within minutes of concluding…all at my new, increased fees! THANK YOU!”

-2HLL Nicole Council

Doubled His Fees!

“Just wanted you to know, Laura, because of the 2HLL training, this week I signed on two clients for Trusts at $2,795 rather than the $1,850 I’d been charging. Next comes $3,795.”

– 2HLL Dan Cooper